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Los Cayos

Although Cuba has a lot of attractions, surely Los Cayos is one of the most extraordinary, since they combine the wonderful Caribbean beaches with crystal clear waters and the fine white sands with exuberant nature in which to lose yourself during your vacation in Cuba.

Likewise, Los Cayos de Cuba are so varied that they will adapt to your needs, making it possible to choose the one that most interests you to enjoy to the fullest. Therefore, you have to take into account what each of them offers you and what makes them so special

Cayo Santa María, linked by El Pedraplén to the island, is the dream of all those who seek the most complete relaxation and fun, since it has all kinds of services and facilities that will allow you to find the rest you deserve. In addition, you will have to choose from a wide variety of activities, including exciting water sports, as well as the typical paradisiacal beaches that you expect to see in the Caribbean and that make it worthy of the nickname “Rosa Blanca de los Jardines de Rey”.

Cayo Guillermo, also belonging to those incredible Jardines del Rey, the Archipelago of Sabana-Camagüey, is a true paradise of incomparable fauna and beauty surrounded by a beautiful dune landscape, so walking through it will not leave you indifferent. Likewise, its crystal clear waters will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in its precious seabed, so if you are passionate about scuba diving or snorkeling, you will need time to discover its natural charms

Cayo Coco, the last of the keys that make up the wonderful Sabana-Camagüey Archipelago, is considered a natural tourist park that will know how to offer you everything you need to make your way through the island a unique experience. In this way, you can swim in any of its beautiful dream beaches, lose yourself in its surroundings and have fun with water sports, since it even has its own diving center.

Cayo Largo, the largest of all these Cuban jewels, land of passage of pirates and corsairs in the past and, today, the perfect place to make the most of the unforgettable experience that traveling to Cuba entails. Thus, among coral reefs, beautiful paradisiacal beaches, some still virgin, and amazing marine species, you will feel that earthly paradises truly exist.

Cayo Levisa the destination that you can not avoid choosing if your idea is to discover Cuba from its purest side, since, due to its scant exploitation, it shelters an infinity of intact landscapes waiting to be explored. Therefore, if you want to know them, you will have to prepare your trip in time, by having only one hotel.

Cayo Blanco, In the same way, on the island you will be lucky enough to be able to make excursions to its most remote islets, as is the case of the spectacular in which you will not be able to stay, although you can take advantage of every minute of your visit with the activities that they organize

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