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Located 36 km from the city of Matanzas, in the Hicacos peninsula, it is the Cuban point closest to the United States.

With an extension of 30 km of which 22 are beaches, Varadero is considered, for its perennial tropical light, its exotic and exuberant vegetation and the warmth of its waters, one of the main tourist attractions for European travelers. The beach of Varadero, or Playa Azul, a beautiful enclave of pink and golden sand and sparkling water, is shuffled between the names of the most stunning beaches in the world. Without a doubt, it is the most beautiful of the entire Cuban archipelago.

The main chains have built luxurious beachfront hotels equipped to satisfy any desire of the tourist, which makes Varadero the ideal place for those seeking a deserved rest where the beach, cocktails and nightlife prevail.

In addition to the beach and the sun, Varadero has other attractions that make it a very desirable area to spend a few days.

It is famous for the variety it offers in terms of sports, especially water sports. It is a mine for diving, there is an amazing amount of species that populate the seabed of Varadero beach. Multicolored fish, corals and molluscs are some of the wonders you will find if you decide to take advantage of the possibilities offered by this enriching sport.

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